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When a Setback Turns Into a Setup for Good | Faith

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faith, finance, trust, timing, patience, GodA year ago today, I walked into work and had a pink slip on my desk. As devastating as it was my soul was relieved. Truth is, deep down I knew I was in the wrong position professionally. I had my doubts before starting the job but overlooked the red flags because I honestly thought I could handle it and at the time thought I needed a job. As I look back, what I really needed to do was trust God and His timing.

Waiting on God can be difficult at times but it is worth it! I took some advice from my family and enjoyed the time off. I went on vacation, caught up on rest, got organized at home, spent time with friends and family, found love, started the blog, and grew my business. There are beautiful blessings in the most unfortunate situations.

A year later, I realized that what most would call a setback became a setup for something better. I just had to open my eyes and heart to see it! As we approach the new year, let’s look for the good in every situation and enjoy it all!