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How to Win in 2018 | Faith

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new year, resolutions, 2017. 2018, goals. vision. faith, family, finance, food. fashion. God is able, trust his planHappy New Year! Can you believe we’re ten days into 2018?! With a new year comes so many new things, like resolutions and unknown adventures. I am so eager to see all of the wonderful things in store for the next 12 months but for now, I want to aggressively attack my goals. Here are 3 ways to help you win in 2018:

Unsubscribe From Emails

If you’re anything like me, you probably receive a ton of emails each day. Within the past 2 months, I noticed I was getting a lot of holiday emails and decided to opt out early to prevent overspending.  Let’s be real, there’s no way anyone can read hundreds of emails a day and be happy about it. I find myself deleting an email before opening up the message. Opting out of emails can help you stay focused on your goals. If saving money is your top priority this year then avoid any distractions by unsubscribing to sales ads. It’s too tempting!

Set Goals

A few of my 2017 goals carried over to this year and I’m totally fine with that, Rome wasn’t built in a day or a year! The goal in 2018 is to win in every area of my life. From my faith to my fashion. So, I wrote out my plans and submitted my visions to God. I learned a few years ago that you will not have joy in your decisions if you do not involve God, so seeking His guidance first is important. Big or small, just write out your plans on paper. It will help put things in perspective and allow you to take the next steps to success.

Declutter Your Space

Messy is different from cluttered. A mess can be cleaned up with a quick sweep. Decluttering requires sorting which can take time. I recommend knocking out an area at a time, small victories go a long way. I used to have a ton of clothes in my closet then realized I wasn’t wearing many of the pieces because they no longer fit or were dated. I decided to donate unworn garments and alter any pieces to fit my body. Start with any rooms you haven’t attended to lately and just pray your way through it. If you can’t, you can always pay a professional to help you get organized.

If you’re going to win in 2018 you have to be patient and diligent every single day. I can guarantee this year will not be easy but every moment will be worth it. Take the good with the bad and always look for the best in your situation. That’s how you’ll win, by never giving up or giving in. Wishing you a wonderful year full of success!

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  • MMM
    January 10, 2018

    I think I maybe ahead of the game because I’ve done all three already. Lol!! This year is my year to thrive!!

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