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How to Slay & Stay on Budget this Season| Finance 

Posted on 6

It’s the weekend and I’m so happy to be concluding a crazy work week! The past fourteen days have been nonstop busy with styling, work, and gearing up for summer travel. I have three trips planned in the next two months with a couple getaways to Austin on my radar. With lots of travel comes a bigger budget allocated for clothes and miscellaneous pieces. I rounded up a few tips to help you kill it this summer while staying on budget!

Save first

I know what you’re thinking, she always says this lol. Saving for me is essential and falls in line with my life motto, “stay ready, never to get ready!” A week ago, I lost my phone at work. I almost shed a few tears, almost. After three and a half years of the same phone, I finally decided to upgrade my device and then I lose it within a month. No way!

That’s life.  I thank God for insurance and a backup phone. Instead of charging the replacement to my monthly bill, I saved up and will purchase a new gadget this weekend. What better way to slay summer than with a phone that can capture sweet memories all while leaving my emergency fund unbothered!

Shop with a list

When I first started styling, my mentor recommended that I make a wishlist for clients. While going through closets, I do a rundown of what can be added or replaced to make shopping super easy. It’s really become a great tool and keeps you focused on what you need.

This week, I put this tip into practice when I ran into Ross, Marshall’s, and Burlington to grab pieces for my upcoming trips. I snagged new sleepwear, undergarments, workout clothes, loungewear, coverups, perfume, and travel-worthy candles straight from my list. Yay, for stress-free shopping!

Style with what you have

Can’t afford to buy new clothes for the season, don’t worry! Style with what’s in your existing wardrobe. Now before you say I don’t have anything to wear, I suggest being creative and open to changing things up. I’m guilty of saying the same thing but then I take another look into my closet and realize I have a few hidden gems.

Spruce up an old pair of high waisted jeans by cutting into shorts. Add a few slits throughout, toss in the wash, tumble dry, and voila you’ve got a pair of on-trend shorts! To keep things fresh and up to date, I like to sell my clothes at resale shops like Buffalo Exchange and Encore. I then take the proceeds from the sale and purchase new pieces. Recycled funds for new fashions, winning! I mean saving lol.

What are some of your tips to save and slay? Feel free to share below.