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Good Grub at Eatz Grill| Food

Posted on 4

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Eatz Grill. I was starving and contemplating on what to eat for dinner. I had no time to cook and needed to tackle work online. It’s crazy when hunger hits you can’t seem to make up your mind on what to eat. First, I wanted Mexican, then it switched to Italian, or maybe I had a taste for Chinese food. Who knows?! Luckily, I passed up the perfect option, seafood!

I had heard about Eatz from one of my friends, Chelsea. She posted about this hidden gem on Facebook and I quickly added it to my, “where to dine,” list. When I passed up the sign, I thought, look at God! Let me pop in and see what they offer. Eatz specializes in burgers and wings which looked yummy but I’m a pescatarian so I decided to try the fish and shrimp basket. By the way, they normally have snow crab but were out that day, bummer. I put in my order, waited about 15 minutes and then laid eyes on this goodness!

Before I left the restaurant, the cashier said you’ll love it! I had no doubt that I wouldn’t so I grabbed a french fry for the road. It was piping hot and so delicious. On the way home, I couldn’t get enough of the fries. I had to dibble and dabble with my box in between stop lights. Crazy, I know but I was hungry lol!

Let me start with the fries, they are absolutely amazing. Seasoned to the 9’s and garnished with parsley. The catfish is like none other. It’s fried to golden perfection but does not require tartar or cocktail sauce. I swear they fry the fish with tabasco. I can’t pinpoint what else is used in the batter but it’s beyond good! I couldn’t get enough. The shrimp was lightly battered just the way I like it and popped in my mouth perfectly. So delicious!

I washed my food down with my favorite beer, Stella Artois. I think I’ll stop by the Daiquiri Shack next time. Overall, the food was wonderful and has an authentic New Orleans taste but with a Texas twist. A good combination of southern comfort! Get by Eatz Grill and let me know your thoughts. Happy eating:)