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How to Finish 2017 Strong | Faith

Fall, 2017, resolutions, new year, goals, planning, achievement, dreamsAnd just like that, it’s fall. I woke up to sweet scents of autumn this morning and it felt amazing! Finally made it to Burlington this weekend and stocked up on candles for the house. Although the weather in Texas still feels like summer I’m  happy to see a new season.

October 1st marks the start of the last quarter in 2017, yikes! Each quarter I review my annual goals to make sure I’m on track. I’ll be honest, I’ve only completed about 50% of my plans. The goal of having abs by August didn’t quite happen, my desired 6 pack turned out to be a 2 pack. Guess I should’ve passed on all the pizza I’ve been eating, ha!

Fall, 2017, resolutions, new year, goals, planning, achievement, dreamsI did snag a new job (thanks be to God) and will start this month! My styling work was published in Solstice Magazine (stay tuned for details on the shoot) and I managed to travel at least once a quarter. Now, it hasn’t been an easy year and I wasn’t exempt from dealing with unfortunate situations but with God, I’m surviving.

Fall, 2017, resolutions, new year, goals, planning, achievement, dreamsTaking time to reflect and realize how good God has been in spite of challenges has been beneficial for me. Obstacles are inevitable but they are not meant to throw in the towel and give up. I choose to keep pressing, keep pushing, and keep praying until I reach my goals.

What did you plan out for the year and how are your plans coming along? Share below.

3 Responses
  • MMM
    October 2, 2017

    This year has been crazy. It didn’t happen how I imagined or even wished, but I’m going to finish it out faithful!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Stacy
      October 20, 2017

      Keep pushing, MMM!

  • Deborah Lockhart
    October 28, 2017

    Let me start by saying that I am so proud of you!! I can not believe how you take a few pieces of clothes and make beautiful outfits. I looked at your bag during your visit in Florida. I saw nothing possible to wear!! But you looked good everyday. You are sunshine on a rainy day that’s full of joy and laughter. Hope to see you again soon. Sending my love