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A Pinky Promise – Weekly Inspiration

Posted on 5

Promises Signs Wonders Rainbows Lifestyle Faith Christian Motivation Hope Rainbows SymbolismDo you remember being a kid and pinky promising with a friend or family member? I used to do this all the time in elementary and middle school. Childish, I know but before sharing big details like, who my biggest crush was, I had to ensure I was speaking with someone who wouldn’t tell my secrets. If the person didn’t hold up to the bargain, I’d say, “but you pinky promised!” I learned early on in my childhood that folks don’t always keep their promises, myself included.

Although humans may not keep their promises, God will. Sometimes it’s difficult to see at times, especially when things aren’t going as planned. The creator has a way of reminding us that He keeps his bond. Without fail, every week for the month of July, God has shown me his promises through a rainbow.

On my ride home from work, usually around midweek, a beautiful bow in the sky appears, signifying God’s covenant with His people. I didn’t pay it much attention the first two weeks until I realized the symbolism. It was my friendly reminder, that my promises were not forgotten!

Promises Signs Wonders Rainbows Lifestyle

What has God promised you? Can you see it happening? I do, I know God is up to something major. After all, He did pinky promise!

1 Response
  • MMM
    July 31, 2017

    I pray God keeps the promises that are for me! I saw a rainbow last week an it gave me hope, that God has my back.