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3 Ways to Date & Not Break the Bank | Finance

Posted on 4

It’s Friday and I’m so excited for the weekend! I’ve been jamming the Top 50 hits list on Spotify all week. Despacito has been on repeat and I can’t wait to hit the dance floor with my handsome guy this weekend! Spending time with your significant other can definitely add up but don’t worry you can still splurge a little on date night. Here are 3 ways to have fun and not bust your budget.

Use Groupon

If you don’t have Groupon, get it now! Download the app on your phone and keep an eye out for weekend specials and offerings. Set a budget for each date and be transparent with your partner on how much you have to spend. This helps avoid any unnecessary stress. Cuddle up on the couch, play some jams, scroll, and pick outings together!

Hit Happy Hour

I love happy hour and it’s a good segway for date night. Start your night off early around 5:30 or 6 and enjoy drinks until 7, then hit a play or show. Last stop, a salsa club for a night of dancing. For me, happy hour is the perfect pre-game. I can grab a cocktail or two and nibble on a few appetizers to hold me over for a few hours.

Get Creative

Creativity goes a long way. I’ve learned that spicing things up for date night is essential and keeps things fresh. We’ve all been on a movie date or to Dave & Busters for play but what about a mid-morning picnic at Hermann Park?! Stop by your favorite breakfast spot and order food to-go. Layout a pretty blanket and light spread for a day outdoors. Stylist tip – pull out a cute outfit for your boo and prep a sweet note like, “Get dressed! We have plans… Can’t wait to see you!”

List your favorite go-to’s for date night below. Have fun this weekend!